Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fall Into Reading Challenge: Challenge Wrap-up!

I’m kind of sad to say that the Fall Into Reading challenge is officially over!

I did manage to finish all of the books I initially planned to read for the challenge which you can find here.

This challenge was so much fun just because you can choose whatever books you want to read as well as setting other goals and targets to achieve along the way.

I do think I underestimated myself though regarding how many books I can actually get through! I set myself a goal of 12 books which I finished well before the end of the challenge. Now, next time I can add plenty more books to my reading list!

Reviews are up for all of the books on the list too:-

And that’s it folks! That’s the Fall Into Reading Challenge done! Open-mouthed smile 


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1 comment:

cahanbury said...

I really like Kelley Armstrong, though I haven't read the ones you just finished. What's bad about all these wrap up posts is my "to read" list is getting loooong!