Monday, 6 December 2010

Covert Youth Agency: The Case of Tangled Love by Jason Ancona Review


An elite group of nerds fight injustices by running a clandestine operation in high school. The C.Y.A., a.k.a. Covert Youth Agency, hacked into the digital school sign and posted their message: - - - If ever you're in need of help and you have nowhere else to go, seek out the C.Y.A. We're always watching and we're here for you - - - Peter "Pi" Samuels, a fourteen-year-old sophomore, runs the shadow operation. Pi's obsessed with the high school band's lead violinist, who's as beautiful as the music she plays. 

When she contacts the C.Y.A. to find out if her boyfriend cheated on her at a party, Pi's objective becomes clear. Prove that her beau was unfaithful. Then maybe Pi will be the perfect shoulder to cry on. Pi schemes to destroy his love's boy-toy, all while avoiding a deranged coach bent on exposing an untraceable geek squad for hire. The Covert Youth Agency.

My Thoughts:

I have to admit, I was a little anxious to read this as it is out of my comfort zone to say the least…but I found myself pleasantly surprised.

Covert Youth Agency was an easy read that reminded me of my high school days (which weren’t that long ago I’ll admit).

I thought that the characters were well thought out and each had a completely different personality and attitudes that appealed me in different ways.

Peter Samuels, otherwise known as ‘Pi’ was a real cutie and was easy to relate to in more ways than one. I thought he portrayed growing up and teenage issues really well and at the same time was a real fun, clever character to read about.

Tollhouse, one of ‘Pi’s’ best friends and a member of CYA was absolutely hilarious to read about, especially his interactions with the last member of CYA, Lightman.

Lightman was brilliant and my personal favourite character in the book. I loved her story and the fact that she was slightly different in that she was younger than most in the school due to her intelligence. I also loved her relationship with her Mum which I found hilarious at times.

Covert Youth Agency had  a few twists in the plot that I enjoyed immensely and the writing had a nice flow to it.

However, at times it did drag a bit but it soon picked up again.

My Rating: 7/10

Author: Jason Ancona

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Lisa said...

I haven't heard of this book before but it sounds cute. Thanks for sharing!