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Review: Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind


Title: Wizard's First Rule

Author: Terry Goodkind

Series: Sword of Truth #1

Publisher: Gollancz

Publication date: 10 Jul 2008

Format: Paperback | 784 pages

Genre: Epic Fantasy 


One man, Richard Cypher, holds the key to the fate of three nations, to the fate of humanity. But until he learns the Wizard's First Rule his chances of succeeding in his task are slim. And his biggest problem is admitting that magic exists at all…

My thoughts:

Wow this book…

I was not expecting anything like this at all. This book was beyond fantastic. I finished it just to want to read it all over again. I'm officially hooked on this series.

From reviews I've seen, this is a book that people either love or hate. I fell into the former category straight away. I have to say it was mostly because of the characters - I've never read about characters with such depth to them. I loved Richard's personality and the way he constantly tried to do good by people. Richard always found the right answer in a bad situation - he went through a lot without having any of the decency or integrity in him taken away. He was probably one of the strongest male protagonists I've come across so far. 

I also found the plot to be excellent. It was original and it was chocked full of surprises - I never saw that ending coming that's for sure. This was a monster of a book so I took a little more time finishing it than usual, but it was incredibly hard to put it down at times. There were so many instances that I was worried for the characters - the book was incredibly intense and full of suspense.

Overall I loved this book and I'm definitely going to carry on reading the rest of the series. It's definitely not a book for the faint hearted but for fans of this genre, I really recommend trying it before you read through all of the reviews.

My rating: 10/10

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