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Review: Maid of Secrets by Jennifer McGowan


Title: Maid of Secrets

Author: Jennifer McGowan

Series: Maids of Honour #1

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Publication date: May 2013

Format: Ebook

Genre: YA | Historical Fiction


If God won't save the Queen...they will.

Orphan Meg Fellowes makes her living picking pockets—until she steals from the wrong nobleman. Instead of rotting in prison like she expected, she’s whisked away to the court of Queen Elizabeth I and pressed into royal service. With a faked noble identity, Meg joins four other skilled girls in the Maids of Honor, the Queen’s secret society of protectors. 

Meg's natural abilities as a spy prove useful in this time of unrest. The Spanish Court is visiting, and with them come devious plots and hidden political motives. As threats to the kingdom begin to mount, Meg can’t deny her growing attraction to one of the dashing Spanish courtiers. But it’s hard to trust her heart in a place where royal formalities and masked balls hide the truth: not everyone is who they appear to be. Meg’s mission tests every talent she possesses, even her loyalty to her fellow Maids. With danger lurking around every corner, can she stay alive—and protect the crown?

My thoughts:

I don't read much of this genre so when I saw this read I thought it was too good an opportunity to get some historical fiction under my belt. 

I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised - I was actually really impressed with this book. I seriously couldn't put it down it was that fast paced and intense. So much happened right from the beginning and the pace didn't let up until right at the very end.

The only problem I had with this read was the way events were explained as the plot developed. It was the kind of book that waits until the very end and then just drops all of the information on you all at once. I love reading books where I can be left to connect the dots myself when little tidbits of information are left for me. In this book I was given the information but not enough to understand how it was all connected - I was just told in a big paragraph towards the end. 

Aside from that, I loved everything about this book, especially the characters. They were the kid of characters that I immediately fell in love with from the get go.  I loved Meg and her rebellious side - it led to some really tense chapters that kept me up at night to finish the book. Plus the love interest makes this book worth picking up on its own…sexy stuff right there.

Overall I loved this book and I definitely recommend it. I can't wait for the next book in the series and anything else this author comes up with!

My rating: 9/10

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