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Review: Shift


Title: Shift

Author: Kim Curran

Publisher: Strange Chemistry

Publication date: UK - 6 Sept 2012 | US - 4 Sept 2012

Format: Paperback 

Genre: YA - Paranormal



When your average loser, Scott Tyler, meets the beautiful and mysterious Aubrey Jones, he learns he's not so average after all. He's a "Shifter" - he has the power to undo any decision he's ever made.

At first, he thinks the power to Shift is pretty cool. But as his world quickly starts to unravel around him, he realises that each time he uses his power, it results in terrible, unforeseen consequences. In a world where anything can change with a single thought, Scott has to decide exactly where he stands.

My thoughts:


 This book was a pleasant surprise. It wasn't what I was expecting at all but instead a really entertaining read that had quite a bit of humour added in throughout.


What I loved about this read from the get go was Scott. I thought he was such a loveable character that captured my attention straight away and made me root for him for the whole book. He didn't change drastically in the middle of the book somewhere which is a plus since it happens so much in books nowadays. I did find it weird about a quarter of the way into the read when he 'Shifted' for the second time - his appearance changes in a certain way. It felt a little unnecessary to me. 


The plot was pretty good. I loved how it wasn't confusing - after reading the blurb of this book I realised it could be a really all over the place read easily enough. Given that the characters can change decisions that they have previously made I was expecting a lot of mess to be honest - the way the 'Shifts' were written was incredibly well done so I had no problem following what had happened. 


I did find that a big chunk of the book wasn't as exciting as the rest of the read. The rest of the book made up for it though - it was incredibly fast-paced at some points and the story moved along especially quickly. Admittedly, I didn't like the ending too much. I thought it was too fast and it did come to the point of it seeming rushed. I always feel like I've missed something somewhere in the story when that happens - it's slightly frustrating since the ending of the book is probably the most important part. 


Kim Curran's writing was really enjoyable. The first page drew me right in with how serious and yet hilarious it was. There were moments where it was completely inappropriate to laugh and I did anyway because these little one liners were thrown in that were so out of place that I couldn't help but find it hilarious. 


All in all I enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend it. It's a quick read that has an exceptional plot, brilliant characters and funny moments. 


My rating: 7/10


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