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Review: Bad Blood


Title: Bad Blood

Author: Kristen Painter

Series: House of Comarre #3

Publisher: Orbit (UK | US)

Publication date: UK - 24/11/2011 | US - 12/1/2011

Format: Paperback - 418 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy



A spate of violent murders is plaguing Paradise City, all the victims being girls masquerading as vampire servants. The Kubai Mata have long battled against othernatural atrocities, but have their hands full as they work with the police to stop this bloodshed.

As their city becomes increasingly dangerous, Malkolm and Chrysabelle hunt the Ring of Sorrows - hoping its power will provide an essential edge against the dark otherworld forces. But forced to make a life and death decision, Chrysabelle realises her relationship to Malkolm could prove fatal. Meanwhile, the night of Samhain approaches, bringing the final melding of mortal and othernatural worlds. No one knows what to expect - except that war is coming.

My thoughts:

First off, I have reviewed the first two books in this series so if you'd like to read them you can find the first one - Blood Rights - right here and the second - Flesh and Blood - here.

I did enjoy the first two books in the series so it's disappointing for me to say this book wasn't as great as the first two in my opinion. It was a nice read but compared to the first two it didn't meet my expectations. It's always a problem with books in a series - they have to keep getting better just because it's so easy for a reader to get bored of the storyline if it stays relatively the same. 

One of the major problems for me was that there was no way near enough focus on Chrysabelle. The first book starts off mostly about Chrysabelle with occasional other p.o.vs and the second introduces another big character which is fine. But this is the third book in the series and most of the focus is taken off of Chrysabelle and onto a completely random character who I thought was not important enough to have that much to say in the book. It was too random for me.

Also, I'm finding the plot to be getting a little on the dry side. It's been dragged on way to long now without much change. It feels like this book was a little all over the place - like it was written in thirds and put together in the wrong order somehow. Plus parts of it were entirely too predictable.

Now that I've got that out of the way, I did think it was a nice read. I loved the main characters that were there from the start for all their variety and quirkiness. Doc makes me laugh for some reason and Fi is great. Of course Malkolm is my favourite and I really wish he and Chrysabelle would just get together it's driving me crazy. 

Although Bad Blood was a little disappointing it was still an entertaining read full of mystery and suspense. All of my negative opinions come from comparing this book to the first two which is slightly frustrating but it's what always happens with books in any series. 


My rating: 6/10



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