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Review: Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong


Title: Waking the Witch

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Series: Women of the Otherworld #11

Publisher: Orbit

Publication date: 07 Jul 2011

Format: Paperback | 336 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy


When three young women are found dead - apparent victims of ritual murder - the small, fading town of Columbus is shaken to its core. But things are about to turn even more strange and sinister…

Pivate investigator Savannah Levine can handle 'strange and sinister'. As the daughter of a black witch, she has a lot of power running through her veins, and she's not afraid to use it. But her arrival in town has not gone unnoticed. Savannah may think she's tracking down a murderer, but could she be the killer's next target?

My thoughts:

Waking the Witch features Savannah Levine, the ward of Paige and Lucas. In previous books we've slowly been able to read about Savannah growing up, but now she's let loose as an adult, going solo and taking on her first murder case without Paige or best friend Adam breathing down her neck.


I love Savannah's character. I always have done. She's feisty, angry at the world and she doesn't care what anybody thinks of her - apart from Paige maybe. I love the strong heroine who puts up a front but knows she has so many flaws. Savannah is that girl - she offends people with no problem afterwords, but for her to disappoint those she loves? The guilty feelings come rushing out when she's alone with her thoughts. I love it.


What I enjoyed most about this read was the fact that it was the first book told through Savannah's eyes - in her point of view. I enjoyed reading how she got in trouble occasionally when she was younger and she did help out Paige a couple of times, but this book took it to a new level. She's 21 now where before she was too young to do much investigative work. I enjoyed her in the adult world where she voiced her opinions without anybody to tell her any different. She got her chance to shine and I loved reading all about it.


The plot was pretty much what makes a Kelley Armstrong novel. It was very heavy on the crime solving side of things which did have a couple of new twists involved and of course, full of supernatural elements. Also, par for the course, it was packed full of suspense and nail biting action. 


All in all I liked this addition to the series. I hope there's a lot more of Savannah to come.


My rating: 9/10


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