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Review: Divine Madness by Robert Muchamore

Divine Madness cover

Title: Divine Madness

Author: Robert Muchamore

Series: Cherub #5

Publisher: Hodder

Publication date: 06 Apr 2006

Format: Paperback | 384 pages

Genre: YA


When CHERUB uncovers a link between eco-terrorist group Help Earth and a wealthy religious cult known as The Survivors, James Adams is sent to Australia on an infiltration mission.

It's his toughest job so far. The Survivors' outback headquarters are completely isolated, and the cult's brainwashing techniques mean James is under massive pressure to conform.

This time he's not just fighting terrorists. He's got to battle to keep control of his own mind.

My thoughts:

I'm a big fan of this series so far and this book was no exception. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and find out where James was going next. I loved that it went back to Help Earth as well since that was part of James' very first mission. 

Like the past books, Divine Madness was full of action the whole way through with tons of suspense, especially towards the end. These books have always turned out to be incredibly fast reads so far, if only because I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what happens. This plot had somewhat of an added intensity since more of the Cherub characters were involved in this one mission, including Dana and James' sister Lauren. Each character played a slightly different part in the mission.

As usual, I loved James and Lauren's personalities and ways of interacting with each other. Their relationship as siblings is totally believable and it makes for some great moments in the story. Most of all though, I loved Rat's introduction to the Cherub world. I found him to be such a loveable character, flaws and all, and I seriously can't wait to find out what he gets up to in the coming books. He really made me laugh.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this one. It was a great addition to this series so far and I can't wait to pick up the next book to find out where it goes from here.

My rating: 7/10




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