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Review: The Escape Diaries by Juliet Rosetti


Title: The Escape Diaries

Author: Juliet Rosetti

Publisher: Loveswept (Random House Publishing)

Publication date: Dec 10 2012

Format: Ebook - Netgalley

Genre: Adult - Romance

The Escape Diaries: Life and Love on the Lam (A Loveswept Contemporary Romance)


Wrongly convicted of killing her philandering husband, Mazie Maguire is three years into her life sentence when fate intervenes-in the form of a tornado. Just like that, she's on the other side of the fence, running through swamps and cornfields, big box stores and suburban subdivisions. Hoping to find out who really murdered her husband, Mazie must stay a few steps ahead of both the law and her mother-in-law, who would like nothing better than to personally administer Mazie the death penalty via lethal snickerdoodle. With the Feds in hot pursuit and the national media hyping her story, Mazie stumbles upon a vast political conspiracy and a man who might just be worth a conjugal visit-if she survives.

My thoughts:

This book is definitely one to capture your attention from the get go. It wasn't like anything I've read before - it was absolutely hilarious.

I really loved how the author made this such a light, quick and easy read. From the first page, I was sucked into the quirky and insane world of Mazie Maguire. This book is definitely the kind of read that isn't suited for everyone. I know plenty of people who would hate this kind of thing and just find it downright annoying, but I found it too bizarre to stop reading. It wasn't just funny in the sense that the characters got into hilarious situations - it was also the characters. Mazie's character just shone through in the author's writing so I fell in love with her immediately. The other thing I adored about this one was the rest of the characters. They were great - all of them were different in some way, they were all hilarious and they were all loveable. 


However, I was a little disappointed with the rest of the story. I felt as if I didn't really have enough time to get to know the supporting characters. Since I really liked them it was a little bit of a let down. The book was actually quite a quick read so that probably played a part - the characters didn't appear as much as I wanted throughout the read. 


The plot was a little predictable but I didn't really mind much as it was a really light-hearted read that was more character based than anything. The reader is supposed to get to know the protagonist and root for her the whole way since she could go to prison for the rest of her life, or walk free. Essentially, I did root for her the whole way, no matter how much I wanted to get to know the rest of the characters. I enjoyed that feeling, it's refreshing in any book.


For me, this was a perfect read to get a laugh out of you and get you in a good mood. Apart from that though, it wasn't exactly one to add to my favourites list. 


My rating: 5/10



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