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Series Spotlight: Need #4


Title: Endure

Author: Carrie Jones

Publisher: Bloomsbury (UK | US)

Publication date: UK - 10/05/2012 

Format: Paperback - 288 pages 

Genre: YA - Paranormal

Endure (Need, #4)

There was a time, not long ago, when all Zara wanted was to have Nick back. Rescuing him from Valhalla should have made all her problems disappear. He's Bedford's greatest warrior, not  to mention Zara's true soulmate. Except Nick isn't the person he used to be. And neither is Zara. She's a pixie queen. Astley's queen.

Zara has a plan to stop all the evil pixies that are ravaging her town, and her ideas are not the same as Nick's or Astley's. One thing they can all agree on though: war is here. And not everyone will survive. Zara's gravest choice is yet to come.

My thoughts:

I was really apprehensive before reading this one since I wasn't a big fan of the second or third in the series. It was sort of the last chance to get me enthusiastic about the whole pixie taking over the world idea.

I have to say it was definitely a big improvement to Captivate and Entice. I had a big problem relating to or caring for any of the characters in the second and third book. This one was different though. Zara especially seemed so much more mature and decisive which I found a really great relief. Nick was less obnoxious and Astley behaved realistically for the most part. It wasn't to the level as I found it to be in the first book, Need, but it was getting there. 

What I didn't like, that I actually didn't have a problem with in the other books, was the fact that Zara was so easy to sway in terms of who she wanted to be with. It was decided in an instant and I found that really annoying. I'm not a fan of the really unrealistic 'soulmate' idea so that really bugged me. I won't say anymore in case there are those of you who don't know who she ends up with but it was pretty obvious to be fair.

The plot was so much better in terms of how it was paced and what happened when. It was similar to everything else that had happened in previous books - it was almost like reading the same book over and over again. There was a lot less predictability and a lot more intensity which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Overall this series was pretty much average for me. I do recommend it for people who are big fans of pixies, fey and the like. It was definitely full of mythology - plus, there was loads and loads of glitter!

My rating: 7/10

My rating of the whole series: 5/10

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Books in the series:

  1. Need
  2. Captivate
  3. Entice
  4. Endure

Need by Carrie Jones

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