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Series Spotlight: Need #2


Title: Captivate

Author: Carrie Jones

Publisher: Bloomsbury (UK | US)

Publication date: UK - 05/04/2010 | US - December 2010

Format: Paperback - 288 pages 

Genre: YA - Paranormal



Zara and her friends thought they'd solved the pixie problem. And they had - sort of. They're locked away, deep in the woods. But the king's needs grow stronger each day that he's in captivity, while his control over his people weakens. Who will fill the power vacuum? Astley. He claim's he's different. He claims that it doesn't have to be violence and nastiness all the time. Zara wants to believe him.. until Astley also claims that she's fated to be his queen.

There's no way Zara would ever turn pixie. And she's got good friends who'll make sure of that. Besides, she and Nick are so in love they're practically inseparable. But when the very thing Zara most wants to protect is exactly what's at risk, she's forced to make choices she never imagined,

My thoughts:

I know you've all probably heard this a hundred times but it's so hard not to compare a sequel to the previous book. After immediately finishing this book I thought 'it's not as good as the first'. It's so hard to stop doing that, more so with the second book than say the third or fourth. The characters and the settings have already been established and you already have a feel for how the author writes. When any of that changes to a point that doesn't suit you, anything you ever found great in the book is thrown out the window. I think you've all guessed that I felt this was for Captivate

To me the characters in this read were like completely different people to the first book (there go the comparisons again). Zara was so sensible and mellow which I really loved. In this book she's such a 'girly girl', using completely different language and making different choices to what I would expect of her based on what I already know from when she was introduced in Need. I felt the same about Nick. I really liked Nick in the first book and now I find him so dull - I'm really sorry to say it too. It's probably only Issie and Devyn who are anywhere near the same as what they were in the first book. 


The plot wasn't great but it was still a good read. I thought the first half of the book could have had a little more action in it - it did get a little tiring to read until it picked up. When it did pick up it was quite enjoyable. I did predict the end result though which annoyed me a little but the other events took me completely by surprise. I have to say I hated the fact that I couldn't feel for any of the characters though. If a book is a good read then what the characters go through is supposed to affect me. Where I was supposed to be upset I couldn't care less and I'm pretty sure it's not because I have a heart of stone.


Overall I thought this was an okay read - it was over really quickly - I didn't really have enough time to start enjoying it.


My rating: 5/10


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Books in the series:

  1. Need
  2. Captivate
  3. Entice
  4. Endure


Need by Carrie Jones


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Alyssa Shehorn said...

I loved this series! The only problem I had, was that it seemed a little too stretched out. I think they could have done this series in 3 books instead, and it would have turned out beautifully.