Thursday, 21 July 2011

Immortal Beloved Review

Title: Immortal Beloved

Author: Cate Tiernan

Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton

Publication date: 6th January 2011

Hardback: 400 pages

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Young Adult

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Source: UK Book Tours

My Rating: 10/10


New name, new town, new life. Nastasya has done it too often to count. And there's no end in sight. Nothing ever really ends ...when you're immortal. But now, after centuries of feeding from the lives of the innocents around her, of living with little care for others, Nastasya is ready to turn towards the light. 'After some of the events I've witnessed I felt like I was a shell with nothing alive left in me. I hadn't been going around killing people, but people were hurt -- the memories just kept trickling in like rivulets of fresh acid dripping into my brain until I wanted to scream. It was in my blood, I knew. A darkness. The darkness. I had inherited it, along with my immortality and my black eyes.' Captivating, intense and with an incredible and original voice, EVERLASTING LIFE is a haunting story of friendship, love and secrets, tragedy and loss. Sometimes life is eternal...

My Review:

I fell in love with this book from reading just the first few pages.

It was so different straight from the start both in the writing style and the story. It was obvious from the start that the protagonist had an amazing backstory and a lot of emotional baggage as it were. It was made clear in bits and pieces through the book which gave it a really nice pace and didn't reveal too much to make me lose interest.

I loved how it was written in a sort of 'what you see is what you get' kind of tone if that makes sense. It was truthful and to the point and above all it was written in Nastasya's point of view and boy did her personality shine through! I really loved how her character developed throughout the story, moreso than any book that I've read before I think. It was very refreshing and it was great to read about a character who is really strong and yet really vulnerable at the same time. Plus, it didn't hurt that she made the story hilarious at times!

I don't really have anything else to say to be honest. The pace was a little slow at times but it felt necessary and it definitely picked up quickly!

I definitely recommend this read. It's one that cannot be put down if you can help it. I'm definitely looking forward to more from this author.

Great quotes:

"Yes. Reyn is our resident horse master. He has an excellent seat."I grinned. "I've noticed."Reyn's face tightened and Nell flushed, looking embarrassed. "It's an equestrian term.""Really? I thought you were talking about his ass."

*I'm sorry I had to throw that in really made me crack up when I read it!*

"It was all I could do to not knock him down right there in front of Asher and climb on him. If I stunned him with a frying pan first, he might not struggle too much.…"

*See what I mean about her personality shining through haha*

Cate Tiernan:


Denise Z said...

I do I ever find the time to read all these wonderful books. Thank you for sharing another lovely story with me.

Carla said...

It seems like an interesting book.
Thanks for the review! :)

Have a nice weekend.


Netherland said...

The story starts off with Nastasya, call her Nasty for short, an immortal with witchy powers. She spent the last 400 years or so partying hard and avoiding performing magic like the plague. One day she sees one of her supposed friends, Incy, performing magic to hurt a 'human' and she freaks! She flees to the U.S, remembering a woman she met 90 years ago that told her she can come to her home, which is like a rehab for immortals, if she ever wanted MORE from her life. When she arrives, she gets welcomed, rather coldly, by Reyn, a gorgeous yet somewhat unfriendly immortal that she can't seem to shake off how familiar he looks. She then has to start to learn how to appreciate life, learn about magic, herself, and most importantly, her family history that seems to be the key to all her and the reader's questions.