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Review: Wayward

Title: Wayward

Author: Ashley Girardi

Publication date: March 27th 2011

Book source: Book Lovin’ Bitches

My Rating: 9/10

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Born without magic, seventeen-year-old Helena “Hex” Wayward is an embarrassment to her power-hungry relatives.

As the weakest member of the world’s most deadly magical family, Hex learns early how to avoid confrontation. There’s no defending herself against an errant curse or the pit-demon that her cousins like to summon during family reunions.

When the dark magic inside of her -- magic that she never dreamt even existed -- erupts in a violent display, it kills a member of a rival family.
Now, Hex's family hopes to use her magic for their own sinister purposes and their enemies just want her dead. Abandoning her magic will leave Hex defenceless but she's seen how quickly power corrupts even the best intentions.

Caught between the seductive sorcerer who wants her power for his own and the forbidden love of a human boy, Hex has to make a choice:
Save her life or save her soul.

My thoughts:

I really don’t have that much to say in this review other than I love Wayward!

It was such a great read that I seriously could not put down for the life of me. It’s really not at all what you’d expect it to be. It certainly left me shell-shocked at times with how dramatic it was and how easily I was hooked to the plot.

I loved the main character in this one. She was a real bad girl but at the same time she had her open, vulnerable moments that made her such a great character.

I only have one criticism, if you can call it that, and that was that the main character did seem to be a bit older than she actually is in the story but it did seem to fit at times considering her back-story and what she had to go through.

Wayward was also surprisingly creepy at times. It actually made me shudder at one point especially where Hex’s family is involved. It was definitely a new for me.

What got me though was the fabulous ending! It was so great. I couldn’t read anything else for a while for thinking about this read and what might happen next…it’s a definite must read! Please go and check it out!

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Lynn said...

Wow, great review. And, is that cover creepy or what??