Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong Review (Book#4 in the SS reading challenge)

Summary (Goodreads):

Ever since her parents were killed in a car accident when she was five, Elena Michaels has longed for a normal family life. Smart, beautiful and engaged to be married, Elena hopes to fulfill that dream when disaster strikes. Not only has her fiancĂ© lied about his secret life as a werewolf, but he's made her one too. She has no choice but to join him at Stonehaven, the upstate New York home of an elite pack of werewolves.

In an attempt to breakaway, she moves to Toronto to lead a normal life. Working as a journalist, Elena now lives with her new architect boyfriend, works out in the basement gym of their high-rise apartment, lunches with girlfriends from the office, and once a week, at four in the morning runs naked and furred through a downtown Toronto ravine, ripping out the throats of her animal prey. But when a band of outlaw werewolves threatens the Stonehaven Pack, Elena's feral instincts drive her back there to join the defense. What follows is a war for territory, for pride, and ultimately for Elena herself.

After being bitten and changed by who she thought to be her human boyfriend, Elena moves to the city to try and live life as humanly as possible.

But when Jeremy, Alpha of the Pack, calls Elena asking for her help Elena has to obey and is thrust back into the life she had previously tried to get away from.

I love Elena's character, she's so relatable to a lot of girls out there I think, trying to be a part of a normal society; trying to fit in and trying to gain more respect as a woman more than anything.

Clay was the perfect bad boy! I loved how he always knew he was wrong whenever he made a mistake and always held himself and no-one else accountable for it, and yet he doesn't regret a thing. I also liked Clay's past which was explained just a tiny bit in this story. It was very...inventive. It made me laugh at times and also made me realise why Clay is the way he is which is what I think Kelley was going for.

Elena and Clay's relationship was different to say the least. Normally I hate it when I don't know where a couple stand with each other in a book but this one was contrary to my normal thoughts on this particular matter. They were perfect together and yet, Elena still hadn't forgiven Clay for what he had done but he still remained loyal to her and waited even if he didn't expect her forgiveness. It just fits somehow...

As for the plot; it was brilliant. The story line was great, as was the pace and flow of the book.

Kelley Armstrong I take my (figurative) hat off to you!!!

My Rating: 10/10!

Publisher: Plume


Anonymous said...

The series only gets better :)

....Petty Witter said...

Also participating in the September Spectacular Challenge. I've just read my first Kelley Armstrong book (Dime Store Magic) and loved it. Many thanks for recommending this, I'm away to add it to my wish list.

E.J. Stevens said...

This is one of my favorite urban fantasy novels! Great review.
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