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Review: Hope Out Loud Kristina Riggle


Title: Hope Out Loud

Author: Kristina Riggle

Series: N/A

Publisher: NLA Digital LLC

Publication date: June 30th 2015

Format: Kindle | Novella

Genre: Women's Fiction | Romance


Five years after the summer of 'The Life You’ve Imagined', Anna Geneva’s mother is getting married. This means Anna must return to her hometown and the scene of her infamous affair with her teenage love Will Becker, who was married at the time, with a young daughter. Anna plans to avoid him, watch her mom get married, and hightail it back to her private law practice and her cozy apartment in Chicago.

But in a town as small as Haven, avoiding the elder son of a prominent family is harder than it seems, especially with so much shared history. And Maeve Geneva’s wedding? Well, the bride is starting to worry that maybe she’s not ready to marry again after all, though she swears her ex-husband’s affectionate postcards have nothing to do with that.

Anna thought she’d left her hometown behind for good five years ago, but she’s learning it takes more than two hundred miles along the Lake Michigan shore to put Haven truly behind her…

My thoughts:

Since this was a very quick novella, I don't really have much to say about this read.

The start of the read started off a little depressing. There was a sullen tone to the writing and it quickly became apparent the main characters were not happy in the situation they were living in. In a way it was a kind off annoying that they were so miserable in the sense that they found no enjoyment away from each other but at the same time it was cute, you know? They were suffering without each other.

What I wanted from this read was more. Everything and everyone else in the book were mentioned in passing and it was almost solely about Anna and Beck. It wasn't a bad thing, considering that it's a novella about them but I wanted more of a fight - I wanted the ending to be worth it. I knew it was going to eventually happen but I wanted the journey there to be a little more dramatic than a few conversations.

That being said I enjoyed it. If nothing else, it was cute and it was nice that they got a lovely, practical ending.

My rating: 6/10

Memorable quotes:

It's not a choice to hope or not. It's only a choice whether to say it out loud.

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