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Review: Thin Spaces


Title: Thin Spaces

Author: Jody Casella

Publisher: Simon Pulse | Beyond Words

Publication date: September 10th 2013

Format: Kindle | Netgalley

Genre: YA | Paranormal


Ever since the car accident that killed his identical twin brother, Marshall Windsor has been consumed with guilt and crippled by the secrets of that fateful night. He has only one chance to make amends and set things right. He must find a thin space—a mythical point where the barrier between this world and the next is thin enough for a person to step through to the other side.

But when a new girl moves into the neighbourhood, into the exact same house Marsh is sure holds a thin space, she may be the key—or the unraveling of all his secrets.

As they get closer to finding a thin space—and closer to each other—March must decide once and for all how far he’s willing to go to right the wrongs of the living…and the dead.



My thoughts:


 I'm really happy I got to read this one on Netgalley. I haven't read such a captivating book in a while.


What I really liked about this book at first was how different it was. The characters really weren't afraid to speak their minds and since they were incredibly well rounded and full of depth to boot, speaking their minds was a great reading experience.


I know a lot of people have already said they don't like the narration because of the protagonist Marshall. He was definitely hard work to begin to understand at first but after a while my heart just kept warming to him until my heart almost broke at the end. Marshall was relatable to me. Some people do incredibly weird things when they lose someone so close to them, so from the beginning I kind of took Marshall with a pinch of salt until his reasons behind his odd behaviour became clear. I understood his anger, frustration and self loathing quite a bit before the end of the book, but I guess for some readers, that kind of grief would be hard to read through.


So I definitely loved Marshall, he fit the needs of the story perfectly. But I also loved Maddie. She seemed so innocent to me in a strange way. She refused to listen to anybody about Marshall until she got to know him and formed her own opinion about him. I adored the way Maddie started to help Marshall in the simplest ways- just by being patient, giving him space and listening when he finally started spilling secrets. Both Marshall and Maddie seemed to need each other to have some semblance of a normal life.


The plot was original which was great. It had a touch of the paranormal genre to it with the idea of thin spaces - rare places where you can step through to the other side and speak to the dead. The story didn't completely revolve around that though which was refreshing - it was more about a journey of acceptance. Marshall and Maddie both sought to go to other side to speak to someone from their past so that they could move forward. Definitely enthralling from the start.


Overall this was a great read. Very quick to finish with well rounded characters and a great back story. Definitely recommend it.


My rating: 8/10


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