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Series Spotlight: The Gatekeepers #5


Title: Oblivion

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Series: The Gatekeepers #5

Publisher: Walker Books

Publication date: 04 Oct 2012

Format: Hardback - 672 pages

Genre: YA | Fantasy/Horror


Having escaped from Hong Kong, the five gatekeepers - Matt, Pedro, Scott, Jamie and Scarlett - are scattered in a hostile and dangerous world. As they struggle to re-group and plan their next move, the malevolent King of the Old Ones gathers his forces in Oblivion: a desolate landscape where the last survivors of humanity must fight the ultimate battle.

My thoughts:


Honestly, I've just put this book down and I'm a little shocked as to how it ended.

I have to say, this was a brilliant book. It was incredibly long winded at times but I expected it from a story like this at some point. Plus with a book of this length, you should probably expect it to be, at least in parts. It was the kind of book where I would have to put it down and distract myself so I can give myself a second to take in everything that's happened. 

There's something to be said about reading the last book in any series. There are so many expectations I had before even turning the first page. Even though I loved the first four books, if I didn't like the last, it would all have seemed like a waste of time. But thankfully that didn't happen. I was really happy with the way this book ended and how it rounded the series off as a whole. I'm a little upset about the ending, but anybody could have seen it coming since there were quite a few clues to prepare you for it. 

Anthony Horowitz definitely knows how to write. I mean the level of suspense in this book was on another level compared to anything I've read before. It really had me turning the pages as fast as I could. I was constantly on the edge of my seat just waiting to find out how this book ends. It didn't help that I had to wait quite a while to get this one as well.

Overall this series is a definitely must read. It's creepy, full of action and packed with amazing characters. Give it a go.

My rating: 10/10

Series rating: 8/10


Anthony Horowitz:


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The Gatekeepers:


  1. Raven's Gate
  2. Evil Star
  3. Nightrise
  4. Necropolis
  5. Oblivion

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