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Review: The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

Title: The Replacement

Author: Brenna Yovanoff

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Publication date: 06/01/11

Book source: UK Book Tours

My rating: 8/10

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Mackie Doyle is the Replacement. Though he lives in the small town of Gentry, Mackie comes from a world of tunnels and black murky water, a world of living dead girls ruled by a little tattooed princess. He is a Replacement – left in the crib of a human baby sixteen years ago. Now, because of fatal allergies to iron, blood, and consecrated ground, Mackie is slowly dying in the human world.

Mackie would give anything to live among us, to practice on his bass guitar or spend time with an oddly intriguing girl called Tate. But when Tate’s baby sister goes missing, Mackie is drawn irrevocably into the underworld of Gentry, known as Mayhem. He must face the dark creatures of the Slag Heaps and find his rightful place – in our world, or theirs.

My thoughts:

This was such a beautifully written book that flowed perfectly.

It was definitely not what I was expecting. The Replacement turned out to have such a creepy tone to it which could be morbid at times. I loved it!

I loved how every event just seemed to meld with the next into a continuous event emphasising a feeling of urgency at points and of darkness.

I didn’t really have any problem with this book apart from the fact that I found it hard to warm to Mackie as a character at first. I think his past and his personality could have been explored a little bit more just to give him that touch more depth to his character. I did eventually grow to love him as I kept reading though.

What I loved most about this book though was the level of description. I’ve never read anything like this before. The descriptive writing was so beautiful and yet so eerie at the same time. It was brilliant.

I really do recommend this book to everyone. It is quite unique in it’s writing and tone. This book is one to stay with you for a while I think.

About the author:

Brenna Yovanoff once thought she wanted to grow up to become an editor. Although it turns out she was was mistaken, she doesn’t regret her days as a slush-pile reader or the fact that she’s memorised large stretches of The Chicago Manual of Style. Her short fiction has appeared in Chiaroscuro and Strange Horizons. She has an MFA in creative writing from Colorado State University and currently lives in Denver. The Replacement is her first novel.

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