Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dead Witch Walking Review


The underground population of witches, vampires, werewolves - creatures of dreams and nightmares - has lived beside humans for centuries, hiding their powers. But after a genetically engineered virus wipes out a large part of humanity, many of the 'Inderlanders' reveal themselves, changing everything.

Rachel Morgan, witch and bounty hunter with the Inderland Runner Services, is one of the best apprehending supernatural lawbreakers throughout Cincinnati, but when it comes to following the rules, she falls desperately short. Determined to buck the system, she quits and takes off on the run with an I.S. contract on her head and is reluctantly forced to team up with Ivy, Inderland's best runner...and a living vampire. But this witch is way out of her league, and to clear her name, Rachel must evade shape-changing assasins, outwit a powerful businessman/crime lord, and survive a vicious underground fight - to the death...not to mention her own roommate.

I have to start off by saying that I felt this book took forever to read. I really couldn't get into it until the final stages. That's why this review will probably seem more like a rant than anything; I'm trying not to focus on what I didn't like but rather what I did. Clearly, I'm finding it somewhat difficult.

I liked the idea behind the story; the world the characters were set in. Supernatural creatures such as witches, pixies, vampires and shape-shifters lived among the humans (with the human's knowledge that they exist) after a deadly virus genetically engineered by the humans wiped out most of their population. The virus didn't have any effect on the Supernatural, leaving them able to reveal their existence to the humans. A relatively cool idea right?

The big problem was; I didn't like the protagonist set in this wonderful world; I thought she was stupid at times and that she didn't think things through.

I actually loved reading about Ivy (the vampire roommate) and Jenks (the pixy) more than Rachel. Ivy's history was intriguing, original and very well thought out while Jenks was absolutely hilarious and refreshing to read about.

Also, the main villain in the story, Trent Kalamack, was a genius. I was half-expecting him to repent for his ways and for Rachel to eagerly fall into his open arms. But, alas, that did not happen. Maybe if it did, I would have liked Rachel just a tad more!

All in all, Dead Witch Walking was a slow read that I almost didn't finish. It had it's moments but they were certainly not due to Rachel Morgan and her quick wits (notice the sarcasm?).

My Rating: 4/10

Publisher: HarperTorch

Author: Kim Harrison

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