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Review: The Frenchman by Lesley Young

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Title: The Frenchman 

Author: Lesley Young

Series: Jet-setters & Jeopardy 

Publisher: L.A.Y Books

Format: ebook

Genre: Romance | Contemporary 




Fleur Smithers rarely veers off the straight and (excruciatingly) narrow. So moving to the seaport town of Toulon to live with her newfound biological mother—an inspector with the French National Police—for one year is a pretty major detour.

Son of France’s crime royalty family and international rugby star, Louis Messette, is devoted to his sport, famille and nothing else. But the saucy American he meets one night changes everything. She sparks a desire in him like no other. Possession takes root. She will do as he commands.

Bit by bit Fleur slips into the Frenchman’s realm of wanton pleasure agreeing to his one condition: that she keep their affair secret. She serves up her heart without reservation in the hub of the glittering Côte d’Azur, and the along the soulful Seine in Paris, unaware of the danger she is in. For her new lover’s “family business” will pit her against her mother, the police woman sworn to bring down the Messettes. And by then, far more than Fleur’s heart will be on the line.



My thoughts:

I just had to get my hands on this after reading the summary. Sexy, french rugby player who just happens to be part of a family of crime-doers? And on top of that, the love interest's mother is an inspector. Cue intense friction of both the hot and awkward kind. Yes, please.

Unfortunately that's pretty much all the read did for me. Don't get me wrong, that side of the read was great and all but of course, a girl needs more than that right? It was missing a lot of substance I felt.

I really liked the settings of the story. Fleur is just getting to know the mother she's only just met who happens to be French, so there are some pretty nice descriptions of French people and places that I enjoyed. I would have loved to have read more about it actually, especially the authors take on the people.

As far as the plot went, sometimes it didn't make sense to me. Either that or I'm missing something. At times I felt like I'd missed a chapter or two because things would either move too fast or they came out of the blue and confused me. Especially the ending. I didn't really understand what Fleur meant by what she said and did, and what Louis' eventual response means to her. I don't know…I prefer things to be a lot more clear cut I guess.

Same goes for the characters. I just didn't connect with them and that kind of made me feel meh about pretty much everything. Fleur could be pretty annoying at times, especially at the beginning of the book. She did develop a lot throughout the read which I loved but overall, she didn't come across as the strongest character ever. I did, however, find Fleur and Louis' relationship to be the small aspect of the story that kept me reading. They worked well together.

Overall I just didn't get on well with this one. I took it for what it was and enjoyed what I could, but it just wasn't for me.

My rating: 4/10

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