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Review: Tempted by Mr. Write by Sara Hantz


Title: Tempted by Mr. Write

Author: Sara Hantz

Series: What Happens in Vegas #7

Publisher: Entangled: Lovestruck 

Publication date: September 28th 2015

Format: Kindle | Netgalley 

Genre: Adult | Contemporary | Romance


She thought she knew everything about romance. She was wrong.

After losing out on a plum assignment, a romance book conference is the last place journalist Sheridan Farlow wants to be. Love is a myth-like flattering changing room mirrors-and she has the past relationships to prove it. Her editor wants a story? Fine. She'll write an entire exposé...only it doesn't go quite according plan.

Bernard "Mac" Mackenzie is something of an anomaly in the romance-writing world-a man who writes romance and believes in it. And until he met Sheridan, Mac's never felt anything close to the love he writes about. He needs more of her. In his arms, and in his bed.

Their attraction is explosive; even as Sheridan's cynical side battles her growing feelings for Mac. But can she handle writing a biting exposé with an exposed heart on the line?


My thoughts:

I feel like this book was more of a novella to a series and I'm missing out on three more books. It was so quick!

I couldn't stand this read from the very beginning. I was hoping for a lot more than a clichéd, Vegas romance with a touch of love at first sight thrown in. Most of the time, I'm all for a cheesy romance with a hunky guy and beautiful-but-doesn't-know-it girl who are thrown together and fall in love, but you know they're going to end up together. That's the thing - you know it's going to happen so that's not why you read the book. It's about how it happens - all the drama, maybe humour and tragedy in between. It's the journey, the character development and the emotions involved. It doesn't matter how clichéd it is, you can still make an incredible story that just happens to have a cliché thrown in.

To be honest, I normally talk about the characters in reviews, just because I really feel they make or break a book. But I can't even tell if I liked this set of characters or not. They were drowned out by the plot which was extremely frustrating. How could I like characters who throw themselves into situations like that? There was no depth to them because all the focus was on this romance that was in no way believable or relatable. 

Harsh, I know. Part of me thinks reading so many books has made me really sensitive to reads like this. Plenty of people would enjoy this book for the author's ability to get straight to the point - it's a quick afternoon, feel good read. It just wasn't for me.

My rating: 1/10

Sara Hantz:

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