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Review: Crimson Moon by J. A. Saare


Title: Crimson Moon

Author: J.A. Saare

Series: Crimson Trilogy #1

Publisher: Createspace

Publication date: May 1st 2012

Format: Paperback | 276 pages

Genre: Paranormal Romance




 Trueblood vampires: those set apart from commons by right of blood. Graced with extraordinary abilities such a telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition, they are the most powerful and feared among their kind. The secret lies within a legacy evolving from the truest form of magic, and their living bloodlines are the key.

An average morning is what Emma Johnson anticipates when she visits Joe's Cafe for a steaming cup of coffee. Her life is routine, each day as uneventful as the one before, until she's saved from a mob of bloodthirsty creatures and informed she is the daughter of a powerful vampire - a vampire who wants her delivered safely to his home.

Despite the unexpected and surreal turn of events, she can't deny what she's seen with her own eyes. Things do go bump in the night, and soon she's wishing for the life she left behind. She also can't prevent the physical reaction she has to her rescuer Caleb, who isn't entirely human.

When she is forced to choose between the man she knows and the man who's sent for her, she has to make a life changing decision - vampire or wolf?


My thoughts:

What an annoying turn of events that turned out to be.

I'm pretty sure most of you would have heard a lot from bloggers over the dreaded love triangle. I mean it's just so out there now that just mentioning it is like nooo, begone foul demon! But this just took my hatred of love triangles to a whole new level.

More than half of the book featured Emma and Caleb, and all was great, more than a little cheesy but it was going good and it had just started to get interesting. But then along came this other guy, who had hardly ever been mentioned throughout the story so far, and thinks it's okay to have a little go and bring Emma over to the wicked dark side. And without being too spoilery, it turns out that this whole love triangle thing wasn't even a love triangle but just a cheesy romance pretending to be a love triangle. Why play with my emotions like that? And by emotions, I don't mean, oh no, team Caleb all the way! I mean ARGH LOVE TRIANGLES SUCK!!!!!

Phew…good to get that off my chest. I've been holding it in since finishing the book.

Aside from that disaster, I thought this book was a little weird with the timings of events. A lot of the beginning was all Emma being brought into the world of supernaturals and learning that she's not exactly normal. Most of the read is all Caleb, Caleb, Caleb and then suddenly a whole new side is brought into play and Emma's kind of shipped off to learn more. It just sat a little uneasily with me. The side of the plot that focuses on her previously unknown father doesn't come into play until a long way into the story, and I would have thought that it would be more of a priority.

Sorry to go back to it, but I thought that was also to do with the romance of the story. The reader just had to know how important Caleb was to Emma - in terms of the physical book, more than half is with Caleb and the rest is with the others so in relation to the story, more is stuffed into the first half right? Then why, if it's so apparent to everybody, including Emma, that Caleb is so important, why bring someone else into it? To prove her self worth and loyalty? Ugh. Not well done. Not at all.

This just took up so much space in my mind that I finished the book seething, but it had it's moments or I wouldn't have finished.

I really liked Caleb. I thought Emma was a weak character but Caleb was really sweet and tough guy without being over the top about it. I liked how he would get guilty over things that ultimately weren't his fault and he knew it. I also, really liked the characters surrounding his life, especially his family, they were just generally well rounded and sweet people. I really wish they were featured a lot more.

All in all this read was ruined for me, if you couldn't already tell, by the romance side of it. I definitely won't be carrying on the series which is a shame, but I have so much I want to read and the thought of being that frustrated again is a major turn off.

My rating: 4/10

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