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Review: Man vs. Beast by Robert Muchamore


Title: Man vs. Beast

Author: Robert Muchamore

Series: Cherub #6

Publisher: Hodder

Publication date: 19 Oct 2006

Format: Paperback | 320 pages

Genre: YA 


Every day thousands of animals die in laboratory experiments. Some say these experiments provide essential scientific knowledge, while others commit acts of extreme violence in order to stop them.

James and Lauren Adams are stuck in the middle.

My thoughts:

This book pretty much had everything I've come to expect from a Cherub novel. There hasn't been a disappointing book so far and considering how long the series is, I hope it continues to be the case.

I'm still slightly amazed at how this author almost lets me forget that these spies are actually kids. It all gets put back into perspective when James does something ridiculous like sneak a burger when he's supposed to be a vegetarian on a mission. There's such a perfect balance between the kids' training and their age - it adds some really great elements to the story. 


This plot wasn't my favourite in terms of the action involved, but it definitely had some great moments. It was such a quick read that I finished it in no time and the characters involved when everything got exciting were brilliant to read about. One was absolutely crazy and wouldn't care if he killed someone by accident, whereas his brother was the complete opposite and couldn't decide whether what he was doing was morally right or not. 


I loved Kyle being with James and Lauren for this mission - I'd missed him somewhat since the first couple of books, so it was great to get to know him a little better. The way all three worked as a team when it was important to do so was one of those moments where you realise how much training they'd really had where you might have forgotten before. 


Overall I thought this was a fun-filled, entertaining read and a great addition to the series so far. As usual, I'm going to pick up the next book as soon as possible and see where it goes from here.


My rating: 7/10



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