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Series Spotlight: The Gatekeepers #2


Title: Evil Star

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Series: The Gatekeepers #2

Publisher: Walker Books

Publication date: 03 Apr 2006

Format: Paperback - 352 pages

Genre: YA | Fantasy/Horror

Evil Star (The Gatekeepers, #2)



It began with Raven's Gate.

But it's not over yet.

Once again the enemy is stirring.

After defeating the Old Ones at Raven's Gate, Matt Freeman thought he could get on with his life. But someone has other ideas.

Far away in Peru a second hate is about to open. Only Matt has the power to stop the forces of darkness breaking through, but now they know all about him. This time they're going to destroy him first.

My thoughts:

As usual, with any book that's in a series, I can't help but compare it to the books that came before. Whilst I thought Raven's Gate was really creepy, Evil Star was incredibly thrilling.

This book definitely had its special moments. There were times where I would get a real adrenaline rush just reading a certain chapter where the characters got into a spot of bother. It made for such an exciting read that I finished in no time. Even when there wasn't anything happening much plot wise, I would be waiting for something dramatic to happen - the anticipation was great. 

The writing was as great as ever. I really love how Horowitz has never failed so far to build up so much suspense. I really managed to feel everything I was supposed to for the characters. I was full of anxiety and amazement at parts, especially the moments where I was really gunning for the characters to get away from danger.


The introduction of the new character, Pedro was flawless. He was there more or less from the beginning and he was brought into the story with no hiccups whatsoever. I took a liking to him immediately and I thought he and Matt interacted really nicely - they came across as close as brothers sometimes which was incredibly sweet. 


Overall I thought this was a great read. I'm really anxious to find out when all of the characters get together because judging by this book, when the five come together, it's going to be epic. 



My rating: 8/10


Anthony Horowitz:

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The Gatekeepers:

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  2. Evil Star
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  5. Oblivion

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