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Review: Broken by Kelley Armstrong


Title: Broken

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Series: Women of the Otherworld #6

Publisher: Orbit

Publication date: May 4th 2006

Format: Paperback - 444 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Broken (Women of the Otherworld, #6)



When the not entirely turstworthy half-demon Xavier calls in a favour, it seems easy enough - steal Jack the Ripper's 'From Hell' letter way from a Toronto collector who had himself stolen it from the British police files. But nothing in the supernatural world is ever as simple as it seems. When Elena accidentally triggers a spell placed on the letter, she opens a portal into the nether regions of Victorian London. Toronto may be looking for a tourism boost, but 'Gateway to Hell' isn't quite the new slogan the city had in mind.

With thieving vampires, killer rats and unstoppable zombies on the loose, Elena and the rest of her Pack have a lot on their hands. 

My thoughts:

When I saw Broken focuses on Elena and Clay again, I got unbelievably excited about it. I love these characters to a huge extent. After reading six books where they're at least mentioned in every single one of them, never mind the ones where Elena is the protagonist, I feel like I know Elena, Clay and Jeremy completely. So I was looking forward to diving head first back into their world.

The characters of this series play a huge part in the books. Most of them are mentioned in each one, even if they don't make an appearance, so if you don't like even a couple of the many characters introduced, you basically won't enjoy the whole series. It's such a big testament to Kelley Armstrong's writing that I really do love every single one of the characters in every single one of the books so far.

The plot for Broken was definitely enthralling to say the least. It twisted and turned every which way possible so I had no idea what to expect at the end. I loved how it involved British history to the extent it did - it felt a lot like a paranormal Sherlock Holmes at times with the whole solving crime part of it. 

Overall I loved every single part of this read. There was never a dull moment and the ending just took the biscuit. I really can't wait for Elena and Clay to reappear in the series and I'm looking forward to what the next book has in store.

My rating: 10/10


Kelley Armstrong:


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