Monday, 2 July 2012

Review: Dead of Night


Title: Dead of Night

Author: Jonathan Maberry

Series: Dead of Night #1

Publisher: St. Martin's Press 

Publication date: October 2011 

Format: Paperback - 368 pages

Genre: Horror 



A prison doctor injects a condemned serial killer with a formula designed to keep his consciousness awake while his body rots in the grave. But all drugs have unforeseen side effects. Before he can be buried, the killer wakes up. Hungry. Infected. Contagious. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang...but a bite.

My thoughts:

I cannot even put how much I love this book into words - I don't think a review could do it justice. Safe to say - Jonathan Maberry is fast becoming one of my all-time favourite authors.


After a serial killer, Homer Gibbons, who happens to be infected with deadly parasites, is let loose in the county of Stebbins, all hell breaks loose. Dez, JT and Billy Trout soon find themselves fighting to keep themselves alive as well as most of the children of Stebbins.


This is basically everything that makes a good read, horror book and zombie thriller. To me it really is faultless. For a start the characters are really fun to read about. Dez is a right character - she's incredibly feisty and has a mouth on her. She was by far my favourite - really strong and yet had really bad abandonment issues that made her a 'real' person instead of your average 'do no wrong' heroine.


JT was just a sweetheart. He was the father figure to Dez and an all round great guy. Trout was also a darling. He was kind of the 'smart guy' of the book. Being a journalist with a best friend who knew social media inside and out really came in handy in the end.


As for the plot it was fantastic. The storyline was perfect, the settings were spot on and the build up of fear and suspense was nail-biting. One thing I do like about Maberry is that he's not afraid to make the book that extra bit detailed with the gore involved. This read is definitely not for readers who aren't fans of horror in general. 


Overall this was a fantastic read that I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of horror.


My rating: 10/10



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Books in the series:

  1. Dead of Night
  2. Fall of Night

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Kat Balcombe said...

I loved this book, just like I've loved all of Jonathan Maberry's books. And Dez is such an awesome character - tough but flawed!

Great review, my thoughts exactly ;-)