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Review: Blood Rights


Title: Blood Rights

Author: Kristen Painter

Series: House of Comarre #1

Publisher: Orbit (UK | US)

Publication date: UK - 01/09/2011 | US - 10/1/2011

Format: Paperback - 432 pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy



Chrysabelle's skin bears the telltale markings of a prized Comarre - a race of humans bred to feed vampire nobility. But when her undead patron is murdered, she becomes the highly visible prime suspect. This sends her running into the mortal world... and into the arms of Malkolm, an outcast vampire cursed to kill every being from whom he drinks.

Despite their many differences, Chrysabelle and Malkolm must work together to stop a plot to merge the mortal and supernatural worlds. If they fail, chaos unlike anything anyone has ever seen will devastate both realms. And only a chosen few stand to gain.

My thoughts:


Without giving too much of the story away, Blood Rights follows Chrysabelle's race to prove her innocence after her patron is found dead. Chrysabelle is a human bred for the sole purpose of offering blood to her patron, Lord Algernon - who wouldn't suspect her of killing him for her freedom? She soon comes across Malkolm, a twice-cursed vampire who wants revenge against the noble vampires, to help ensure her freedom.


What I noticed straight away when I started to read this book is how much the world the story is set in has been developed. It really can't be faulted. There's so much description that you almost feel this place exists. You can immediately tell a lot of thought has been put into it and it certainly shines through. The settings are a perfect foundation for the rest of the story to be built up from.


And the story undoubtedly does not disappoint. There were so many surprises that I gave up trying to guess in what direction the story was going. I really enjoyed reading it to put it simply. There was a little bit of everything thrown in there - action, romance and even a little temper tantrum at one point which I found quite funny. I do think the end of the story could have played out a little better though. I can't help but feel it was rather rushed - too many things happened within a few pages for me to react the way I felt I was supposed to. Aside from that, the end held the mother of all surprises. I don't think the book held any clues as to what was going to happen at that point so it really threw me for a loop. It was most definitely my favourite part of the book - I loved it! 


Another plus side, the characters were great. They all had their faults and their moments to shine. I loved all of their personalities and the way they all interacted. I particularly liked Malkolm and not for the way you might expect. He was extremely sexy, but I was really intrigued by his curses. I liked the idea behind them and the idea of what caused them. Especially when you finally find out who gave the worst curse to him - I can guarantee you'll never have expected it.


Any lover of the urban fantasy genre should definitely read this one - plus it has such a beautiful cover! It really does look good on the shelf. This is another book where I'm itching to get my hands on the next series.


My rating: 9/10



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