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Review: Her Perfect Revenge

Title: Her Perfect Revenge

Author: Anna Mara

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Publication date: February 19th 2008

Book source: Received from author.

My Rating: 8/10

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Feel again what it felt like when you first fell in love with someone you HATED!!!

Revenge is sweet or is it? Have you ever wanted to get back at someone who was mean to you in high school but when you actually had the guts to do something about it, your plan blew up in your face and they got the better of you AGAIN? That's exactly what happens to Christina Matteo in HER PERFECT REVENGE.

Christina Matteo had a humiliating prank pulled on her in high school by rich, party boy Bill Havenwood. It changed her whole life and she never forgot it¿ or him. Older, wiser and tougher, she meets him again years later and decides to get even. She wants revenge and comes up with a perfect plan. But things don't go her way when she stupidly crashes her car into his ultra-expensive sports car while tailing him.

Not recognizing her, Bill blackmails the uninsured and cash-poor Christina into helping him stay in his billionaire father's good graces by pretending to be his fiancée for one month. Christina decides to go along with his ruse. After all, who knows what dirt she can find out about the jerk from the inside? But as Christina scams Bill and Bill scams his father¿ his father scams the both of them. William Havenwood Sr. knows all about their phony engagement and begins to push the couple to marry for real in order to get them to crack under pressure.

And then Christina's little revenge plan begins to spiral out of control when she finds herself actually falling in love with her avowed enemy, Bill. It's enough to make a girl sick to her stomach! But can she really continue to go through with her plans to make him pay when she's so attracted to the creep? Christina is just stubborn enough to find out!

My thoughts:

I fell in love with this story from the get go.

I turned out to be a lot more than I was expecting to say the least. It was an easy, fun read that had relatable characters, a realistic plot and great, fun writing.

It did get a little clichéd at times but I thought it added to the story as a whole and sort of balanced out the times when it got a little more on the upsetting side…when things weren’t going the character’s way!

Her Perfect Revenge can be perfectly described as an emotional rollercoaster. It had a great mix of everything; anger, happiness, frustration. You could feel everything that the characters were supposed to feel it was portrayed that well.

Plus it was so much more than just the average love story. The protagonist (Christina) sets out to get revenge on Bill who had played a cruel prank on her in high school. But it doesn’t work out that way. Even though what is going to happen in the end is pretty much determined from the start, it takes a looooong time to get there and said time is full of ups and downs that is not expected. There were more than a few surprises.

I have to mention Bill’s father, William Havenwood Sr. He was an absolute blast to read. I think he made the whole story to be honest. Every time he popped up in the story I couldn’t help but grin at one thing  or another.

I really do recommend this book. It’s a light-hearted, fun, dramatic read that has something in it for everyone.


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Anna Mara said...

Thanks for reading my book, Maryam and for giving me such an amazing review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Christina's and Bill's wild ride!

Books Glorious Books said...

You're very welcome Anna!