Thursday, 10 March 2011

Early Review: Sanctus by Simon Toyne

Title: Sanctus

Author: Simon Toyne

Publication date: 14th April 2011

Publisher: HarperCollins

My Rating: 10/10

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An explosive apocalyptic conspiracy thriller from a major new British talent that will set the world alight…


The certainties of the modern world are about to be blown apart by a three thousand year-old conspiracy nurtured by blood and lies …

A man throws himself to his death from the oldest inhabited place on the face of the earth, a mountainous citadel in the historic Turkish city of Ruin. This is no ordinary suicide but a symbolic act. And thanks to the media, it is witnessed by the entire world.
But few understand it. For charity worker Kathryn Mann and a handful of others in the know, it is what they have been waiting for. The cowled and secretive fanatics that live in the Citadel suspect it could mean the end of everything they have built – and they will kill, torture and break every law to stop that. For Liv Adamsen, New York crime reporter, it begins the next stage of a journey into the heart of her own identity.

And at that journey's end lies a discovery that will change EVERYTHING …

SANCTUS is an apocalyptic conspiracy thriller like no other – it re-sets the bar for excitement and fascination, and marks the debut of a major talent in Simon Toyne.

My thoughts:

I have seriously fallen in love with this book! I don’t really read many books of this genre either so I wasn’t expecting my reaction to it to be so enthusiastic about how great it really is! See…I’m rambling already!

The story takes place in the religious city of Ruin where the monks who live in the religious community have longer life spans and excelled healing. It’s one of the oldest and most secretive places on Earth.

Until a suicide of one of the monks sets off a chain of events leading up to the uncovering of a three-thousand year old conspiracy.

This book is the definition of a page-turner. I couldn’t stop! I only wished life wouldn’t get in the way of me finishing it sooner! Having to put the book down to eat, study and sleep was torture Smile

The build up of suspense was perfect. It really did get my heart racing at times with the anticipation of what was going to happen next.

The plot was brilliant. It got you guessing in all sorts of ways only to surprise you when you end up completely wrong. There were all sorts of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.

I also loved the way the chapters jumped between characters. Each character had a different story and were great in their own unique ways. Especially Gabriel. Pretty amazing character right there.

Sanctus was truly a glorious book. An exciting, gripping read that will get your heart racing. Definitely a must read!


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As soon as I read about Liv, I immediately understood... uhm, who she was, let's say. This hardly kept me guessing. Contrived ending, absurdities, non existent characters... "The way chapters jumped etc" is nothing new!